Items unpinned from taskbar are back after restart on Windows 10 - Issue Fix

If you are using the latest Windows 10 OS on your PC, you might have observed this behavior.

Even if you unpinned the unwanted items from your taskbar, it's getting restored once you restart your pc.

You can resolve this problem with a simple hack.

Steps to solve the problem.

     Go to the user profile folder.
     Open the AppData (It might be hidden) / Local / Microsoft/ Windows/ Shell folder
     There you can find an XML file named "LayoutModification.xml"
     open the file in notepad and search for the "<taskbar:TaskbarPinList>" node
     remove the unwanted entries from the node children.
That's it you have resolved the problem.
you can restart and cross verify it.

Deno first look, Hello world deno

Please check the first look of deno, hello world, server creation using typescript, and running using brand new deno.

Deno is the new runtime for JS & TS, developed by nodeJs team.

Video Tutorial

While creating a deno server from the documentation

deno run server.ts 

and once you ran you might have noticed below error.

error: Uncaught PermissionDenied: network access to "", run again with the --allow-net flag

to solve this

run in this way, deno run --allow-net .\server.tsif the issue still persisting run it in this way.

deno run --allow-net .\server.ts http://localhost:8000/ 

Create a collapsible grid view using VueJs

Steps to create a collapsible grid view using vuejs,

Technologies used
VueJs with Typescript


Create a portfolio site using vuepress

How to create a portfolio using vuepress and vuejs, Configure and setup vuepress, static content site using vuepress.

Video Tutorial