Hello World application using Xamarin C# Visual Studio Android

Set up Xamarin  in your visual studio.  follow the steps here
Create a blank android application in visual studio

Now you can check the solution explorer its contains the following folders, its pretty similar to the android eclipse blank application. here the view/layout file extension is .axml and the main activity file extension is .cs instead of java obviously its .Net so it should be like that.
here in c# we are invoking the android interfaces so you wont see much difference if you developed android application using java.

by default android emulator available if you configure xamarin in visual studio you can use other emulators also,I am using genymotion emulator for faster performance.

So I am going to build first application it has the code available to display the hello world functionality.
one button and on click it shows the count.
You will get the .apk file for your sample application inside the corresponding bin folder.
The sample code is pretty clear so not giving any explanation to that.
so lets start creating your apps.
/* androidsharp */