Setting Up Xamarin in Visual Studio

As discussed in my previous post(Read), you can create mobile applications for all major platforms using c# and .Net
There are 2 IDE's available for Xamarin development, you can use Visul Studio or Xamarin Studio
Xamarin studio come along with Xamarin installer if you are using mac this your IDE, for windows users you can download the Xamarin for visual studio from below link.

Download Xamarin
Xamarin developer version is now free along with visual studio 2015.
Download :Visual Studio 2015

If you want you can use the different emulators,  by default along with Xamrin you will get android emulator, but its little bit slow.
Here is one third party tool you can use for android emulators, It will support from windows 7 onwards.
Genymotion Emulator : Downlaod

Another good tool is Hyper V Emulator : Download but there are some compatabilty problems with windows 7 so those are having windows 8 can go with this emulator.

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