How to install SQL Server 2008 R2

Steps to Install SQL Server 2008 R2 in windows 7.
Step 1: Run your set up file it will redirect you to a page like this.
So Select the installation menu from left side then it will open a form like this
Step 2: Select the new installation first link on that form

step 3: it will redirect you to a form like this
Give product key or use evaluation copy and click next > then accept the license and terms >> then install support files.
Step 4: After installing support files you will redirect to setup support rules.
Step 5: It will ask you to setup role which way you want to install SQL Server
Step 6: Then It will redirect you to feature installation form select which all the features you want.
Step 7: Then it will redirect you to installation rules click next>> then you will reach instance configuration form there you can select default instance or any other instance names you want.
Step 8: Then it will check for disk space click next  >> Then it will redirect you to server configuration form configure it like this.
Step 9: Then it will redirect you to Database Engine Configuration form select mixed mode and give password to your 'sa' user and add current user as admin as per your requirements
Step 10: The it will redirect you to Analysis Services Configuration form add current user as admin Click next >> then it will ask for reporting service configuration click next>> then it will check all rules once again click next >>
Finally you will reach ready to install page click install and enjoy..


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