Xamarin new world of opportunities for .net developers

Microsoft made it official that we are open for open source development, the big step towards that is made by the introduction of .Net core 1.0, its supported by Linux,OS X and Windows the big heads in the market. The  app world is evolving from desk top applications to web/cloud application and from there to smart app world.
As a .net developer there were so many limitations for smart app developments, you will be able to develop application only for windows phone, there was no cross platform support available till the discovery of Xamarin platform.
Xamarin is a cross platform supported frame work there you can code in C# and create beautiful applications which supports android,ios and windows what else you want ??

Microsoft acquired Xamarin in the February last 2016, still the business version of the frame work is payed one, for developing and studying purpose the student version is free.
There are improvements needed from a techie perspective because the current framework is not having the capability to code the application for one format and create the installers for other frameworks like if I have coded the applications for android, it should provide me the installers for iOS and windows vice versa,
currently the views for android is axml, for windows xaml, for iOs story board so this difference is restricting the framework from doing that. hope soon we will get the news like you code in one frame work we will give you the installers for other platforms

Setting Up Xamarin in Visual Studio

Hello World application using Xamarin C# Visual Studio Android

/* androidsharp */