Installing MongoDb on windows,creating first database,collection and basic queries

The tech world is moving into Artificial Intelligence, data mining and prediction algorithms and much more into the intelligent use of data, so the data storing technology also changing from the relational database architecture to non-relational architecture, NoSQL database etc.
MongoDb is one of the fast growing NoSql database, In which we will be storing the data as collections, basically, document.It will help really good in data mining and data prediction operations.
Let's see step by step how to install MongoDb into a windows machine

Step 1: Download mongo MSI installer here: Download
           The non-commercial version is free, Click install the application using MSI

Step 2: provide a space to store the data & log >>  type cmd and open command prompt
             paste this command in terminal
             data : md \data\db
             log : md \data\log
Step 3 : Now go the mongo installed path bin folder  in command prompt and type mongod

The server will be up and it will be waiting for connections, the default port is 27017

Step 4: open another terminal and go to the mongo bin folder and type mongo.exe
             mongo server will be up and  running you can write your queries


>> For creating database
     use database-name eg : use coder_juggernaut
>> Display databse
     show dbs :> list all dbs
     db :> current db
>>Creating Collections
     db.firstcollection.insert({"name":"coder juggernaut"})
>> view items in Collections

These all some basic queries to start with, instead of terminal you can use Studio 3T, it's a good tool it will give good visualization and simple querying features.

Step 2 extension: If you didn't get the log in the mentioned folder create a config file and place it in the mongo root folder with this text.

                 path: log path.
/* androidsharp */